Biometric Security

Configure advanced identification systems and biometric authentication for crowd control, specific groups or individuals, through technology for facial recognition, fingerprint, iris and human.

Facial Recognition

Applications based on multiple biometric algorithms, designed for reading, analysis and face recognition comparing with databases.

Iris Recognition

Application for biometric authentication of individuals, by reading the patterns in the tree layer which is in the eye. A proven system in the positive identification of individuals.

Fingerprint recognition

Biometric identification application, based on the recognition of physical features found on the surface of the fingers, this technology becomes a mathematical representation to compare with databases.

Systems Integration for Urban Video Surveillance
The ultimate in urban surveillance

We set new technological advances for unlimited integration of urban surveillance video cameras equipped with panic buttons, with central monitoring police, equipped with data storage servers 24/7 to extend the policing and judicial capacity.
Video Vigilancia y Seguridad - Inversiones Tecnológicas de América

Migration Solutions at Airports
Streamlining and broader migration processes

We implement effective solutions to streamline and decongest airports passage passenger areas of migration through authentication systems registered citizens, to validate your passport in special kiosks designed for this purpose.

Special Programs:

  • Pánama Fastpass

    We supply and implement the technological infrastructure that require programs of airport congestion as Panama FASTPASS, which through a self-process biometric validation in kiosks equipped with this technology, allows citizens or Panamanian residents expedite passage through the area of migration its rapid entry into the Republic of Panama.

  • Global Entry

    In technology investments in Latin implement technology that requires Global Entry, the program Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that allows low-risk travelers, pre-approved to enter the United States, a flexible income through kiosks equipped biometric recognition systems that offers expedited passage.

Supplies in High Security

We offer the latest developments in high security specialized equipment.


We configure, adjust and provide technology for aerial surveillance video systems with autonomous UAVs.

City Surveillance

Supply equipment for day and night surveillance of different features indoor and outdoor.

Monitoring Stations

We supply technological equipment for the installation of monitoring stations for video surveillance, with unlimited channels of cameras and robust reception equipment for data center storage.

Access control:

We offer all kinds of equipment for the configuration and implementation of electronic and digital systems for access control.

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