Technological investments of America S.A.

We are a company with extensive experience in the field of Technology Information and Communications (ICT ) with presence in Latin America and the Caribbean. We design, develop, integrate and implement innovative technological solutions aimed to improve processes and needs from our clients with effective and positive results.

Our Objectives

  • Our mission

    Design, develop and integrate new technologies to implement innovative, efficient and effective solutions to the needs of IT management and security of our customers in Latin America and the Caribbean, based on compliance with the highest standards of quality, sustainability results environment, with permanent support of our specialized Engineering Department.

  • Our vision

    Be in the next 5 years , a certified and recognized company in the technology sector for Latin America and the Caribbean , with the best quality and results of our solutions business.

Associations and Certifications

Softguard visitar sitio

SoftGuard es una solución de avanzada para las centrales de monitoreo que se ejecuta simplemente desde un navegador web accediendo a través de internet desde cualquier lugar, a toda su red de monitoreo, sin arriesgar su seguridad.



Technological investments of America S.A.

We advise, design, develop and implement technological architectures at different scales and functions aimed at improve efficiency in different processes, IT and security solutions, from the new generation of software and hardware available on the market.
Seguridad y gestion ciudadana
Management Solutions with Information Systems

We implement the most sophisticate software to increase the volumes of revenues, speeding the tax processes to increase tax collecting for the transit department’s portfolios at municipalities and provinces.

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Software de administración de rentas
Management Solutions Security and Identification

We design and configure intelligent monitoring systems , authentication and people`s recognition through modern security systems.

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We implement the most sophisticate software to increase the volumes of revenues, speeding the tax processes to increase tax collecting for the transit department’s portfolios at municipalities and provinces.

  • Process Management for Tax Collection

  • Portfolio Management for Traffic and Transportation Departments

  • Tax Collecting Software Solution

Management Solutions for

Security and Identification

We develop studies for Security, design and integrate the new generation of technologies to configure customized solutions with intelligent control systems, security , authentication, access and recognition of people , to increase coverage , efficiency and effectiveness of public safety.

We are experts in:
  • Biometric Security
  • Systems Integration for Urban Video Surveillance
  • Migration Solutions at Airports
  • High Security Supplies




We analyze in detail your needs. We diagnose their weaknesses, their strengths and determine opportunities for improvement productoscesses. We suggest and find the best and efficient solutions.


We studied the processes for diagnostic, and determine the most convenient routes for efficiency result, integrating solutions to be implement.


We set up the necessary technological developments and integrate the most advanced tools market for processes .


We develop a technology architecture and integrate their processes to make them more functional and efficient, with continued support of our specialized departments, to ensure proper operation and functioning of the solutions we provide.

We are ACTIVE MEMBER ALAS ( Latin American Security Association ) .

The solutions that we set and implement, in addition to being served by our expert human resources in new technological developments, has the support of different European and North American principal companies specialized in artificial intelligence, serving sectors such as security and other basic TIC. So we guarantee the results expected by our customers, with first-line technical support.

Among our major allies are:

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