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We help the optimization of processes for tax collecting for local authorities (departments , provinces, municipalities ) through the SAR , with advanced technology specialized software for the automation of processes and collection platform.

Features and Operation

This software is designed, developed and integrated in a modular way, with more than 15 years of experience in the processes of income, with each functions configured to the needs of each organization's operations.

  • Administration of all types of taxes, configurable to each need.
  • Current accounts, to control changes and adjustments to taxes.
  • Control and persuasive collection management.
  • Control and administration of coercive collection.
  • Control and management control and determination of taxes.

  • Petitions Request and Complaints (PQR).
  • Filing and Document Scanning.
  • Managing physical and virtual files.
  • File and response management.
  • Virtual generation, payment and document tracking Pin.
  • Care and settlement to the user.
  • Reguest and consulting operational and managerial reports.
  • Easy integration for accounting to any financial system.
  • Audit and security.
  • Help Desk.

Platform Benefits

  • Improve customer service.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Regulations and transparency achievement.
  • Have benefit from the potential of technology and connectivity.
  • Increase staff productivity.
  • Increase income levels.
  • Fast and simple way for operations.
  • Improving the process for information times.
  • Minimize human error in data management and liquidations.
  • Automate processes.


Access and profiles for each of the key roles in the territorial administration.

Treasury officials

Public workers of ministries or departments responsible for tax collection.

Cabinet Chief

Access to more data and reports for people in charge of public entities for tax collection.


Access to requests and payment history for tax on individuals or companies in the country

S.A.R Módulos

We have a specialized system to support the processing of data related to the recovery process portfolio of the Secretariats of Traffic and Transportation. The SAR- Transit platform is a powerful tool designed to perform and an agile processes: collection, petitions and complaints, persuasive collection, control of physical records, virtual records, and all other related activities collection management.

Módulo quejas y reclamos

Software Implementation of Collection Management for processing data related to the portfolio of Transit Department, to process data information collection programs , oriented public sector with the necessary applications to enable greater efficiency in the jobs aspects for the Ministry of Traffic and Transportation , in its Collection Management division , to provide fast and reliable timely for administrative decisions that benefit, so we can increase the income of the Department.

Módulo pin virtual

We have professional and technical personnel responsible for carrying out the implementation, gathering information, the work plan, updating basic parameters for the portfolio and adjustments to information systems according to the parameters of each Ministry of Traffic and Transportation.

Módulo impuestos de registro

We include a service charge for the recovery of Portfolio transit fees, subpoenas, Photo fines.


We have a modern and high-tech management collection application , to improve the ease , performance and ability to provide services that meet the needs and expectations of customers, in terms of collection , while strengthening reliability and security.

  • Electronic payments: CPSE, Place to Pay , ACH, ATH, Credit cards.
  • Capture payments and control it: With interfaces for integrate and exchange financial and non-financial information with other systems, it facilitates integration with external processes such as accounting.
  • Easy configuration via an interface within the system: An authorized user can create and group the options presented in accordance with the settings as their convenient.
  • Payments with bills or pay stubs: comply with legal regulations as Asobancaria formats in Colombia.
  • Electronic Payments ATMs.
  • Variety of Payment Methods: Its versatility allows the management of various payment processes.
  • Payments for Non-Banking Correspondents: Supermarkets, Baloto by Asobancaria.
  • General Fund Payments: Use online communication for application portfolio.
  • Payments on Online: Allows to locate main banks of the municipalities under its responsibility, control and execution and can be directly by the software, use application payment in databases, generating safe passage for taxpayers, through communication via the LAN. This Software has been tested and implemented by the banking sector.

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