Solutions Transport 4.0

We design, implement and operate solutions-based technology that increase operational efficiency and safety, in the terminal of air and land transport.


Access control systems

We offer security systems with devices that restrict access of personal or users or to areas that are not authorized, and controls revenue or outputs of passengers, baggage and vehicles in air terminals or ground.

X-ray systems

We provide solutions that support the work of security, using advanced equipment of imaging technologies of X-ray , walk-through metal detectors, narcotics and/or explosives.

Kiosks, self-monitoring

(Common Use Self Service) 

We implement all kinds of kiosks for self-management of services that allow procedures in real-time registration and checking of passengers to expedite your transit, reduce waiting times, delete rows, and improve your experience of trip.


(Airport Operation Control Center)

We design and implement centers of operation and control for airports and terminals and ground transportation to centralize and manage with artificial intelligence, the management and control of its processes operating in earth and air, such as the designation of the parking place of the aircraft, passenger management, baggage, subsystems, CCTV, air conditioners among others.

Solutions PAS

We implement systems of loudspeakers for communication, high-fidelity in waiting rooms, corridors and other common areas where amplification is required of the information on recent developments related to the operations of air traffic and passenger land, as called for boarding, flight status, and other orientations routine.

Solutions FIDS

(Flight Information Display System)

We design and implement integrated systems view of public information, through screens and digital billboards that record the state, arrival and departure of flights.

Solution for monitoring point-of-sale POS

(Point of Sale)

We develop and implement hardware and software for the management and control of revenues non-aeronautical, with real-time measurements of the activity in the shops for purchases, with the prediction and determination of number of passengers, which provide statistics to the strategic decision-making.

Management WIFI

(Flight Information Display System)

We integrate and implement systems of telecommunications services associated with the development specializing in wireless Internet (Wi-fi and satellite) to:

• WiFi Empresarial Básico: Administración centralizada, despliegue rápido, portal de invitados personalizable, log in a través de redes sociales y generador de token de acceso.

• WiFi Alta Densidad: Alto rendimiento, equipamiento robusto, administración local y en la nube. La mejor opción para ambientes de alta interferencia.

• WiFi Premium: Atención centralizada y protección ante ataques cibernéticos. Garantizamos seguridad de punto a punto, cifrado y túnel correo.


Management platforms for public transport services to individual, collective and mass

We implement comprehensive ICT solutions for the provision of individual, collective and mass public transportation services, with state-of-the-art software and hardware technological components to monitor, capture, analyze and transmit information in real time; aligned with digital transformation and smart cities.


We integrate efficient technologies to the transportation industry

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