Intelligent judicial

We offer technological solutions designed to improve efficiency, transparency and accessibility in judicial offices, providing robust tools that simplify legal procedures, optimize case management and promote a more agile and effective environment for the administration of justice.

Management System

We offer Intelligent Judicial Management Systems through a comprehensive platform designed to optimize the administration and monitoring of legal cases in judicial offices. Our system centralizes information, streamlines processes, allows detailed monitoring of cases, manages calendars, facilitates communication between the actors involved and guarantees the security of sensitive data.


Our Virtual Courtroom solution provides a secure and efficient platform for conducting court hearings online. With integrated tools for video conferencing, live streaming, document management and annotations, we create a digital environment that replicates the in-person experience, allowing remote participation of all parties involved in legal proceedings.

Digitization Systems

We offer a hearing digitalization system that converts analog judicial procedures into accessible and easy-to-manage digital formats. Our solution efficiently captures, stores and organizes audio, video records and documents associated with hearings, allowing them to be quickly retrieved, searched and consulted at any time, from any device.


Our live transcription technology offers an accurate, automated tool for real-time generation of verbatim transcripts during hearings. This solution streamlines the legal documentation process, providing accurate transcripts that can be reviewed and shared immediately, improving efficiency and accuracy in recording court proceedings.


Our hearing indexing solution uses advanced algorithms to systematically tag and organize digital court records. This allows for rapid search, retrieval and reference of specific information within files, facilitating the location of data relevant to legal processes and streamlining decision-making.

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