Smart Mobility

We design, implement and operate comprehensive technology-based solutions that increase operational efficiency and safety in air and land transportation terminals.


Access control

We offer security systems with devices that restrict access of personnel or users to unauthorized areas, as well as control the entry or exit of passengers, luggage and vehicles in air or land terminals.


We provide solutions that support security tasks, through advanced imaging equipment with X-ray technologies, metal, narcotics and/or explosives detector arcs.


We implement all kinds of kiosks for self-management of services that allow real-time passenger registration and screening procedures to speed up their transit, reduce their waiting times, eliminate lines and improve their travel experience.


(Airport Operation Control Center)
We design and implement operation and control centers for airports and land transportation terminals to centralize and administer with artificial intelligence, the management and control of their operational processes on the ground and in the air, such as the designation of aircraft parking places, passenger and baggage management. , CCTV subsystems, air conditioners among others.

PAS Solutions

We implement public address systems for high-fidelity communication in waiting rooms, hallways and other common areas where amplification of information is required on news related to air and land passenger traffic operations, such as boarding calls, flight status and other routine guidelines.

FIDS Solutions

We design and implement integrated public information display systems, through digital screens and billboards that record the status, arrival and departure of flights.

POS point of
sale monitoring solution

We develop and implement hardware and software for the administration and control of non-aeronautical revenues, with real-time measurements of activity in shopping stores, with prediction and determination of the number of passengers, which offer statistics for strategic decision making.

WIFI Management

We integrate and implement telecommunications systems with services associated with the specialized development of wireless Internet (WiFi and satellite) for:

Mass and Individual Transportation

Fleet management and
control solutions

We offer advanced fleet management and control systems that allow real-time monitoring of the location, performance and maintenance of individual vehicles or entire fleets. Our solutions optimize routes, improve operational efficiency and ensure the safety of passengers and cargo.

Manufacturing, supply and
maintenance of on-board and ITS equipment

We provide cutting-edge on-board equipment and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to improve transportation efficiency and safety. From manufacturing to supply and maintenance, we offer cutting-edge vehicle technology and integrated systems that optimize mobility.

Traveler experience

We develop user-centric solutions to improve the passenger experience, offering real-time information, entertainment options, reservation systems and personalized services that make trips more comfortable and efficient.

Modular centralized
collection solutions

Our modular centralized collection platform simplifies transport payment management, offering flexible and secure payment methods for individual users and transport operators, guaranteeing broad coverage and efficient control.

Wi-Fi and communications solutions

We provide reliable connectivity and on-board Wi-Fi solutions to enhance the passenger experience and enable effective communication between vehicles, terminals and control centers, ensuring seamless connectivity.

Infrastructure solutions
for electric fleet

We offer charging and management infrastructure for electric fleets, including smart charging stations and energy management solutions that facilitate the transition to more sustainable mobility.

Simulators and training
for fleet operation

Our advanced training programs and simulators offer realistic and effective training for fleet operators, improving their skills and preparing them to face diverse and complex scenarios.

Road infrastructure

Solutions for traffic
management and road safety

We implement innovative solutions for intelligent traffic management and road safety, including speed control systems, vehicle monitoring, incident detection and data analysis to improve road safety.

Access control and
vehicle charging solutions

We offer efficient vehicle charging and access control systems for tolls and restricted areas, using advanced technology to ensure smooth and safe traffic management.

Solutions for the supply and
operation of ITS and toll systems

We develop and implement intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and tolling solutions that optimize mobility, reduce congestion, and facilitate electronic toll payment.

Road infrastructure
digitalization solutions

We implement digitalization solutions for road infrastructure, including mapping, data analysis, 3D modeling and geographic information systems (GIS) to improve the planning and management of road infrastructure.

Solutions for the management
of control centers

We provide centralized management and supervision tools for traffic and road control centers, allowing informed and rapid decision-making in emergency or congestion situations.

Virtual reality solutions:
for remote management

We offer virtual reality solutions that enable remote management of road infrastructure, providing interactive visualizations and real-time data for accurate and efficient decision making.

Simulators and training for
the operation of roads and tunnels

Our simulators and advanced training programs offer detailed and realistic training for track and tunnel operators, improving their skills and preparing them to handle various situations in controlled environments.

Port and Land Terminals

Solutions for logistics platforms for terminal digitalization

We provide comprehensive solutions for the digitalization of port and land terminals, optimizing cargo, storage and distribution management, improving operational efficiency and reducing waiting times.

Solutions for
terminal management

We offer advanced tools for efficient terminal management, including tracking software, inventory management, traffic scheduling and access control systems.

Cargo and passenger
access control solutions

We implement access control and security systems for the efficient and safe management of cargo and passengers in port and land terminals.

Solutions for
port and land communities:

We provide comprehensive solutions for the development and management of port and land communities, including infrastructure, services, security and urban planning.

Consulting and Engineering

Consulting and engineering services for the air, port and land mobility and infrastructure sector

We offer specialized consulting and engineering services for the mobility and infrastructure sector, providing strategic advice, design, planning and execution of projects in airport, port and land areas, adapted to the specific needs of each client and project.

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